Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Super Serial Makes a Personal Discovery

   This seems like the next possible task for such a device. I've kept a yellow post-it note under the monitor with a listing of what card resides in which slot and have often lost it. Having to then remove the monitor to retake inventory of the system.  This seemed like a good time for the next evolution of code, definitely not as complicated as the IRQ issue, but requiring some thought, none the less.

    In the next project we auto detect the SSC card and store the slot

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Super Simple Super Serial Sample Source

     I have struggled to find the most basic of information about Apple II related machine coding information. Its not as freely available as people would like to have themselves believe it is. In searching, having often found the same struggles of others in the past, some who had given up years ago for lack of understanding or availability of information. While that is subjective, there is as it seems, a complete black hole with regard to several facets of the platform

Click here to see the Apple II project I have started with regard to the SSC