Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Perl said NO! to 5.12

Sorry Folks, Looks like MAC will have to upgrade to 5.16 to use FT817COMM.  Theres an easy addition to the instructions, ill add it on

Seems you can reference a hash key till 5.14 and there is no way around it

FT817COMM on OSX Mavericks

This is a simple install, OSX comes with perl and CPAN.  Read the article to find out how to install it.

Since OSX is a member of the Unix family everything runs the same as LINUX and Unix

See article here

Full Multi Radio support in FT817OS 0.9.3

Multi Radio support has been finished.  See This youtube video for more info.

Grab the new version here!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

FT817OS 0.9.3 starts support for multiple radios

Multi radio support and radio naming has started in FT817OS 0.9.3  This is just the groundwork and though there is no command yet to add a radio, the large amount a code rework has been done.  It now also supports naming radios instead of the default FT817 name.   The configs are now loaded to arrays of hashes instead of hard coded to make it easier to switch between rigs.   Also the config files are now stored in their own directories and an executable link starts the program Heres a screen shot with a dump of the array

Friday, April 18, 2014

FT817COMM 0.9.7 8-bit vs 16-bit Showdown

Here some side by side comparisons of the 8 bit vs 16 bit speeds on FT817OS.

Formatting a memory area and creating a label

Restoring software calibration

FT817COMM 0.9.7 - Now supporting 16 bit read and write

FT817COMM was released early, due to a bug in 0.9.6.  This version is FAST!!!! A list of changed subroutines to 16 bit is shown below as an excerpt from the change log.

Another important note is CWID now supports 7 characters as I've found a way to read and write to memory address 1928!!!  Get the new version via CPAN update or GET IT HERE. This version still uses FT817OS 0.9.2 so no upgrade is needed if you have 0.9.2

Monday, April 14, 2014

FT817COMM 0.9.6 and FT817OS 0.9.2 Released

New features added and code cleanup in this release.  FT817OS now records the radios calibration , Jumpers, Config and memory during install.  New commands added. load memory, save memory, load config, save config.

See more information here

FT817COMM 0.9.6 on CPAN

FT817OS 0.9.2

******** There is a nasty multiplication bug in loadMemory do not use that function or
load memory in FT817OS.   The problem has been fixed and will be in the FT817COMM 0.9.7 which will post to CPAN in a few hours

Sunday, April 13, 2014

FT817OS FT817COMM runs on BeagleBoard

Here is is running on a Beagle Board to an FT817.   Tracy and I set up at Cracker Barrel in Clermont and got things rolling.  Installing the per modules went without issue and the program was up and running in no time

Check out the complete article

Friday, April 11, 2014

FT817OS Updated to 0.9.1

Fixed the show command when in memory mode.  Also added the functions memarea and currentmem within the MEMORY sub directory.   The link to FT817OS 0.9.1 is here

Thursday, April 10, 2014

FT817OS v.9 Beta release

FT817OS Beta v.9 has been released.  It requires Perl 5.14 or greater and FT817COMM 0.9.5 or greater to function.  If you've got Perl installed and you've added FT817COMM via CPAN or some other means, installation of FT817OS is quite simple. Click the link below for installation instructions

Check out the Users Guide

FT817COMM goes into beta today

I've released 0.9.5 which has posted on CPAN.  This is the first of the Beta Releases for the FT817COMM perl module which impliments most every function of the FT817 Ham radio.

The link to the module on CPAN is http://search.cpan.org/~jrubin/

Information on installing Perl Modules can be found at http://www.cpan.org/modules/INSTALL.html

Testing has now been done on both the older and newer version radios.  With this release I will also be releasing FT817OS which is a command line FT817 Operating System with a Unix Bash flair to it. Only 10330 Lines of code to implement the full functionality of the Radio.

Click here for more information