FT817COMM-0.9.5 Beta Released

Yaesu provided a very limited set of CAT commands to interface with the radio but left the ability to write software for the rig if you could figure out how to talk to the eeprom.  This was further made difficult because when you write to the eeprom you must write not only to the current address but the next address as well.

This version requires a minimum of perl 5.14.0.  It has currently only been tested on Unix/Linux but testing is underway for windows.

The module features a build in debugger to let you see what going on behind the scenes.  This information can easily be adapted to software as shown on the right.

Another function bitwatcher is included which helps find unknown memory areas in the EEPROM.

For more information about the FT817 EEprom have a look at Clint Turners page http://www.ka7oei.com/ft817_meow.html Clint was instrumental in helping decipher the Eeprom so software could be written

The link to the module on CPAN is http://search.cpan.org/~jrubin/

The current 0.9.5 Documentation is here

Information on installing Perl Modules can be found at http://www.cpan.org/modules/INSTALL.html

The POD Documentation for all of the OOP functions may be found at This LINK

Testing has now been done on both the older and newer version radios.  With this release I will also be releasing FT817OS which is a command line FT817 Operating System with a Unix Bash flair to it. Only 10330 Lines of code to implement the full functionality of the Radio.
Down the road i'll be releasing some ajax code to allow for displaying or controlling the radio via a web page.

Additional information may be found on my Youtube page at


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