Understanding 6502 assembly on the Commodore 64 - (5) DEVTOOLS

In is post we briefly move away from the code work to set up our development tools.

Get an emulator first. I use Vice, it is available here

Click this link to go to the Relaunch64 page

First we will be clicking the Relaunch binaries under downloads

Choose the appropriate Version for your system.    The program is written in Java and requires at least Java 7.  Mac users can take the app from the download and drop it right in their applications folder.  Linux folks will have to create a launcher for the app

You can run relaunch to make sure it working, but its not ready just yet.   You will need an assembler.   I use 64TASS

The link is the manual, which includes a link to download the Assembler

Download the source

You will have to compile it.   This is a simple program and requires no arguments.  Extract the source to a directory, go to that directory and type make

The resulting action will have a file in the directory called 64tass, Move that file into the same directory as the relaunch64 program file or anywhere else you'd like to store it.

Run Relaunch64 , in the menu goto OPTIONS----> PREFERENCES

Drag and drop the 64tass file right into this window, it will complete the rest for you, then drop and drop the vice executable.  It should look as shown below.   Then click update script

Now for a quick test, type this in and hit run on the top right, it will prompt you to save it

Relaunch64 will compile the program, make a PRG file and load it automatically

type SYS 49152 and watch the magic

With this we are now ready to work with the DEVTOOLS.   We will still be jumping back to the manual method of modifying memory to learn more about the inner workings of the system, and to test stuff on the fly

Useful links I use



EASY 6502 by skilldrick

6502 Assembly

Understanding 6502 assembly on the Commodore 64 - (6) Our instructions to assembly

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