Monday, January 12, 2015

Chapter 1: Intro to Packet Radio in the modern age with Direwolf

     Packet radio could be awesome.   By packet radio I do not mean APRS.  If APRS is your thing, you will also benefit from this document.  Consider if you would, the resurgance of BBS's now popping up everywhere, having replaced dial-up with telnet, and still allowing connectivity on antique computers using TCPSER as a conduit.

    Up until now, there have been issues with getting going on packet radio.  First was cost.  Does anyone really want to spend hundreds of dollars on a TNC in the hopes of finding someone else on the air who did the same thing.  Secondly, looking at 15 year old pages of ancient AX25 implementations on the web can be disheartening.  You could not be blamed for making an attempt and quickly giving up on unsupported code from 1.x kernels running under motif, followed by page after page of contradictory information.

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