Setting up FT817OS : Initial Configuration

This Program requires Perl 5.14 and FT817COMM Library to work

1. Open a console and create a directory where you want the program and files to reside

jordan@ubuntu:$ mkdir /home/jrubin/ft817os/

 2. You can download it by clicking this link  FT817os Ver 0.9.1 Beta and save it to the directory you created

 3. Know what your serial port or usb serial port is called under linux using dmesg and grep

jordan@ubuntu:~$ dmesg | grep tty
[0.000000] console [tty0] enabled
[22.972278] usb 2-6: pl2303 converter now attached to ttyUSB0

 4. Check the /dev/ directory and see that the device is there. Make sure you have sufficient group or user privlages. i.e. being a member of the dial out group 

jordan@ubuntu:~$ ls -l /dev/ttyU*
crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 188, 0 Apr 10 13:45 /dev/ttyUSB0 

 5. Go to the directory where the file is.  Make sure the radio is powered on and connected to the serial port.  set MENU ITEM 14 - CAT RATE to 38400 on the radio

jordan@ubuntu:~# cd /home/jrubin/ft817os/

6.  Extract the file from the tar.rz

jordan@ubuntu:~# tar -zxvf ft817os-0.9.tar.gz

7. Delete the archive

 jordan@ubuntu:~# rm ft817os-0.9.tar.gz

 8. Type perl

  jordan@ubuntu:~/ft817os# perl                                                  

The program will guide you through the simple initial configuration

***FT817-OS version 0.9***
Copyright Jordan Rubin 2014, Released under GPLv3

Enter the name of your serial device. i.e. /dev/ttyUSB0

Serial Port: /dev/ttyUSB0

Enter the Baud Rate for your FT817 CAT RATE on Menu item 14 [4800/9600/38400]

Baud: 38400

Do you wish to use a lock file for your serial port using /var/lock/ft817 (RECOMMENDED) Y/N

Lock File: y
Here are your settings:
SERIALPORT: /dev/ttyUSB0   
BAUDRATE:   38400          
LOCKFILE:   /var/lock/ft817

Are they correct? [y/n] : y                                                                
An attempt will now be made to connect to the rig with this configuration                  
Serial should be connected with power on.....

Connection sucessfull!!!!!

Backing up FT817 calibration settings: ----> OK
Generating 5 Pass Calibration Hash:    ----> OK
Retrieving Software Jumper settings:   ----> OK
Config file being created:             ----> OK

Re-starting OS.........

Port /dev/ttyUSB0 has been closed.

LOAD "*",8,1
Using FT817.cfg

The program has created the config file, tested the connection and backed up the software calibration file in the same directory as the software.  If you back out by typing exit, you will see that there are 2 new files in the directory. and FT817.cfg

jrubin@phinieus:~/ft817os$ ls -l
total 88
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  4254 Apr 10 16:26
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root   218 Apr 10 16:26 FT817.cfg
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 75650 Apr 10 16:25

Back up the to a safe place, if you ever have to factory reset your rig, you will need these calibration settings to get it running again.

Each time the software is started thereafter it till check the software jumper config and a hash of the calibration will be checked against the one in the config file.

***FT817-OS version 0.9***
Release FT817COMM(0.9.5)
Copyright Jordan Rubin 2014, Released under GPLv3
Connected on /dev/ttyUSB0 at 38400 bps
Locked port at /var/lock/ft817

Type 'help' for commands



Continue on to Basic Usage

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