Disk ][ drive - Clean and Adjustment

     With the Commodore 1541 drives done, it was time to test out the Apple II disk drives.  The drive S6D2 was hardly every used and was at perfect speed and almost perfect alignment.  S6D1 was a different story, that was the workhorse.


I had already ran the alignment and speed program from APTEST so I knew there were problems.  I'd already cleaned the head, but I didn't do the rails, it was time for a breakdown.

The head was cleaned with a Q-tip and 99% isopropyl alcohol.  The rails were cleaned in this manner too.  The rails were then lightly, LIGHTLY coated with REMOIL with a Q-tip.

So were looking at a slow disk drive, running way below normal.

A slight twist of the POT on the back right side of the drive brought it to -1 to 0 from -15.

I used an unmolested Apple factory DISK as a basis for the alignment.

Here was the alignment of the S6D2.  I left it alone.   S6D1 was off the charts at around .85

After about 30 adjustments...... Here is S6D1

I let my wife choose the nail polish color for the screws. I think it goes nice with the STEP MOTOR label color. Don't you?

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