Thursday, November 13, 2014

Easy Tape to Disk conversion using Vice, AKA T64 to D64

You do not need any other software beyond Vice and its included application,  c1541, to convert tape to disk. Actually, you don't even need Vice.   All of this can be done with C1541 which is included with Vice

Step 1:   Create a blank disk in Vice

The Save As is the file you will be creating, the Name is what the commodore would see as the disk name.  The linux version and some other versions may ask for a value for index, make it 00 (zero zero).   See Step 9 for creating images in c1541 WITHOUT vice

Step 2: Load C1541

Step 3: Mount the new d64 file in C1541 with attach filename.d64, then type list to view it

Step 4: Dump a tape to the d64 image with tape filename.t64, then list to view it

Step 5: Dump another (space permitting), then list

Step 6: It would seem moon patrols image shows the file name to be file.prg which won't be very useful.  So lets change it using rename oldfilename newfilename

Step 7: Maybe you added a file and didn't wish to have it in your d64 image.... you can delete it with delete filename

Step 8: Maybe you don't want the disk called TAPETODISK on the C64 and want to rename the disk itself to favetapes.    use name newname,00

Step 9: Truth be told, you do not even need vice to create disks, you can just use C1541 to to this.  Lets create a disk image called sampledisk with an index of 00 using a real file name called sample.d64 , format it and mount it in drive 8 under c1541. Then run list

sample.d64 will be created in the current directory that c1541 was executed

type quit, and you are finished, attach the d64 to your emulator or image it to disk or sd2iec or whatever

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