SD2IEC D64 Image to Floppy on a 1541, on the C64

If you have an SD2IEC device loaded with D64 images and you would like to move a D64 back onto a floppy, to run or as a backup, here is the instruction to do so.

This will format and create a complete image of a floppy disk for the C64 ready to run.

STEP 1 : Assign drive numbers

If you do not have a drive selection switch installed on your 1541, it will be defaulted as drive 8.  So on your SD2IEC device, change the drive to 9.  Refer to your SD2IEC instructions on how to do this. I use DIP switched on mine as shown to accomplish this.

STEP 2 : Cabling and stuff

The 1541 will connect directly into the C64.  The SD2IEC will connect in back of the 1541.  Its worth noting that you will need a blank double density disk for this.  Ensure you will be using a 1541 with a known good calibration, or at the minimum, one that can read commercial disks without error

STEP 3 : Format a floppy

Using commodores wonderfully obfuscated DOS, format a floppy with:

OPEN 15,0,15,"N0:NOVATERM96,00":CLOSE15

STEP 4 : SD card preparation

Note the presence of FB64 in the root directory.  Generally when I use my SD2IEC, I use FileBrowser64 to navigate and load software.  This most likely came with your SD2IEC.  If it didn't, I recommend you download it and move the fb64.prg file into the root of your SD card.  Note that FB64 is not a d64 image but an actual prg file.  This program is a must have.

Back to business......   Somewhere within the SD card, where you store your applications you will need CBMCOMMAND. Download the latest version, which is right now 2.3 and put that D64 image on your SD card.

The last preparation step is to ensure that the D64 image you would like to bring to the floppy is copied to the root of the SD card as shown.   We will be making an image of Novaterm 9.6C

STEP 5 : Load FB and from it, load CBMCOMMAND

Since the SD card is device 9.  just LOAD"FB*",9 and RUN.   Go to the directory where CBMCMD is and select it

STEP 6 : Set the SD2IEC back to root.

Once the program has loaded, there is a button on the SD2IEC to take the SD card back to root.  Kind of like a reset button.   You will need to press this to bring SD2IEC back to root where the Novaterm image is stored.

If after pressing the reset on the SD2IEC, it still shows the CBMcommand directory, press F4 to refresh. It should look like the picture below.

STEP 7 : Bring up the 1541 into the program

Press shift-D to open the dialog for the second drive, choose drive 8, which is the 1541.  Press just D again and select the SD2IEC to get back to the top.

STEP 8 : Transfer the file

Scroll down to the d64 image and press the space bar to select it.  Then press shift-x.  Make sure the disk is in the drive.

Choose No for format

Expect to wait in excess of 18 minutes!!!!!!!

STEP 9 : Verify and run

Upon completion, you will see the disk contents in drive 8 in the bottom portion of the screen

Slap a label on it and reboot the computer.  If the executable is the first file.  Just do a regular


and enjoy!


  1. I recently did this also; why did you choose to manually format the disk prior to cbmcommand? it can do it for you!

  2. Thanks for brilliant guide. Was very helpful. I tried the same thing first with DraCopy, but CMD command is much more easier operated.
    A question though, when formatting, does Label-name matter? Like are there games which need the correct labelname to function, e.g. if I'm making a safety copy of an orignal disk?

    1. I have found some games, yes, they must have the label as you said. However, most, do not. The KEY to using the CMB COMMAND is to "format" the 1541 5.25 disk before creating, writing D64 back to FLOPPY. Even though the D64 IMAGE in MOST CASES is 689 blocks, OR LARGER and the disk only has 664 FREE after format. Just did PLanetfall and it works PERFECTLY! Now, only 250,000 more to Go! LOL!