Thursday, November 13, 2014

Apple ][GS Battery Swap

I got lucky on this one,   the computer spent about 20 years in an attic in Georgia, it had the old style battery soldered on the board that thankfully didn't rupture.

Dont purchase expensive replacement kits on Ebay.   This should cost you less than 10$

This was all available at Radio Shack.  3.6v Lithium battery and a AA holder

Here the old battery is still installed, luckily it didn't leak (date code August 1988)

Soldered new wires in and mounted the holder off to the side under the power supply

Back in business

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  1. You can bring your batteries in for recycling at the Mabo Library in Townsville. The Battery World bin is inside the library on the right hand wall, not far from the entrance. You can recycle all batteries except car batteries. 800% batteries