Monday, November 17, 2014

Understanding 6502 assembly on the Commodore 64 - (3) Messing with Memory

Memory areas $0400 $07E7 are mapped to the screen memory, starting at the top left of the screen to the bottom right.  To keep the demonstration out of the way of the working area, we'll work down at memory address $0708 which is in the middle towards the bottom.

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  1. I am enjoying your tutorials, but I believe there are a few mistakes:

    Sprite 0:
    Stretch Horizontal: 0D17 s/b D017
    Stretch Vertical: 0D1D s/b D01D

    Sprite 1:
    Coordinates: D000 s/b D002
    set where sprite data starts - you have M07F8 change first value to 0C s/b change *second* value to 0C (or m 07F9 change first value to 0C)

    Thank again for creating these tutorials! I am slowly going through them.

    Bryan Pope