Thursday, November 13, 2014

SD2IEC What you need to know BEFORE you buy!

     I was so excited when after two years a new software update for the SD2IEC came out.   Most importantly because it purportedly included multitask support without having the write the swap list file for each one.   As of Oct 28 SD2IEC.DE now lists the current binary as 1.0.0alpha0.84.

But you won't find me upgrading........

     Why do you ask? Because I had the misfortune of buying my SD2IEC for a less than reputable dealer on eBay.  As a value added convenience he decided not to burden me with a boot loader.  

So Instead of simply putting the new BIN onto the SD card and upgrading, I will now have to purchase hardware to write to the chip.

But wait, theres more.    His design left no connector to write to the chip , I imagine he just programmes them and shoves them in the box.

So now Ill have to get this going on a breadboard and buy parts off eBay to do a software upgrade

when I raised the issue with despegatop about not upgrading, he wrote


Put the new file on the root directory of the sd card.

In any case, if you have any issue you can send back the device for reprogramming.

Best regards

Then I pressed him on the lack of a boot loader

I checked with other people in the commodore forums. You know this will not upgrade becuase you have not been adding the bootloader. Will you be paying the round trip shipping for me to send my device back to spain because you for got to do something correctly?

 and he responded with

I currently make non-upgradeable units via sd card because it is much more reliable from full accidental erasure.

I can only pay the return postage (from Spain to USA)

Best regards

So, If you feel like ordering from despegatop you had better be sure he includes it before buying

This is an example currently for sale with NO boot loader

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